Fall Anime Season Lineup 2013 – Watch or Drop?

Fall Anime Season Lineup 2013 – Watch or Drop?

Well the Summer Season is shortly coming to its end, so its time to start picking out what looks worth watching next Season.

I’ve listed as many Anime’s as I can find information about below (but there maybe a few I’ve missed or that are added later, so feel free to comment if you spot one)…

Not everyone’s taste in Anime is the same, so as well as explaining a little info about each anime, I’ve also given some insight into my reason for wanting to Watch, Give it a Chance (Make a choice after watching 1 episode) or Drop from the start.  These are my personal opinions and yours may be different (example, if you like Sports Anime’s you may want to pick up the ones I dropped this season ;)).

Each anime has a link back to MAL, if I’m watching it, Dropping it or possibly checking it out followed by a quick summery and sometimes my opinion.
Enjoy the read…
Comments at the bottom…
Feel free to  Agree… Disagree… Let me know which ones you’r picking up etc…

So here we go :)

1) Tokyo Ravens (Not Watching List)

Tokyo Ravens - AnimeMage.com

Genres: Comedy, Super Power, Supernatural

The basic plot is about Tsuchimikado Harutora who was born into a prestigious Onmyoji family, but can’t see “spirit energy” or at least not yet. He’s been enjoying a peaceful life with his friends at an Onmyo branch school. Until One day, his childhood friend Tsuchimikado Natsume, heir to the head family, suddenly appears…
I’m guessing this then starts off some motion that allows him to see spirits or similar.

I’ve seen a few anime’s with similar story lines and I usually find myself either dropping them half way through or watching them to the end and wishing I hadn’t bothered putting the time in. So I think I’ll give this one a miss and I’ll come back to it if it gets good reviews.

2) Walkure Romanze  (Not Watching List).

Walkure Romanze - AnimeMage.com

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem

The plot centre’s around Takahiro Mizuno, a student training to be a begleiter or knight’s assistant at an academy where aspiring knights joust. He had originally come to this academy to train as a knight, after becoming the a junior champion in his own home country. Unfortunately after an injury in the final tournament’s he was forced withdraw. But still wanting to be part of that world he, decides to be a begleiter to one of the academy’s maiden knights and help her win.

The concept sounds interesting, though not too interested in the Ecchi part of the series it may prove to be a worth watch. I checked out some pages of the Manga but nothing in-depth and it looks like the jousting is used as a reason for clothing/armour to be smashed off and the series maybe focused more on the Ecchi than story line. So I’ll probably give it a miss however if your into your Ecchi you may want to pick this one up.

3) IS: Infinite Stratos 2 (Not Watching List)

Infinite Stratos 2 - AnimeMage.com

Genres: Action, Comedy, Harem

The plot is based around a world where Japan has engineered an armour powered exoskeleton they’ve call “Infinite Stratos” or “IS” for short. This exoskeleton has became the mainstream of weapons. However for some reason only women can operate IS’s, and due to this women dominate the society over men.
Orimura Ichika is a 15 year old boy who accidentally touches an IS placed in the IS pilot training school and found out that he is the only man who can operate an IS. Due to this he is forced to enter the training school which happens to be normally an all girls school! The plot follows Ichika’s busy school life surrounded by girls.

The previous season got a average score of 7 on MAL. It sounds like a Mecha based anime, but the first season focused mostly around the Harem/Comedy aspect. This series will likely follow the same pattern so on that information alone you may have already up your mind up about this anime.
Personally I’m tempted to give it a watch but there are other animes this season that has grabbed my attention so this is probbably on my not watching list.

4) Galilei Donna (Give it a Chance).

Galilei Donna - AnimeMage.com
A-1 Pictures
Genre: Unknown

I have no idea about this one, the story from what I’ve been able to find “is about three moons in the form of three of Italian astronomer Galileo’s female descendants who are on international wanted lists.” which doesn’t really give you much of a clue however, its being produced by A-1 Pictures who’s been involved with some good animes so it maybe worth checking out.





5) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2 (Not watching list, but if you’ve watched the first season its probably a must watch).

Magi - AnimeMage.com

A-1 Pictures
Action, Fantasy, Shounen

If you watched the first season you’ll already know this is a story based around Aladdin which got a good response when it started airing last year in October. The Animation was nice but I just didn’t get into it personally and because I never finished the first season I’ll be leaving this alone this season. If you watched the first season its defently a must, if you didn’t well it maybe worth going and watching that first I just haven’t found the time to fit it in yet :(




6) Freezing Vibration (Not Watching List)

Freezing Vibration - AnimeMage.com

Genres: Action, Ecchi, Harem

Another second season of an anime I never got time to watch (far too many anime’s and not enough time in my life) well I gave it a quick google, the story is basically aliens have invaded earth from another dimension and humans use genetically modified girls to fight these aliens. Images show lots of fights with clothes ripping off and girls with big boobs… So if Ecchi action anime is your thing then it maybe worth picking up. Going to give this one a miss personally.




7) Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! (Not Watching List).

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai - AnimeMage.com

Genres: Action, Ecchi, Sports

Sports and Ecchi, well that’s two things to put me off watching an anime :S (I’m not completely against Ecchi, but the story line has to interest me, heck I enjoyed High School of the Dead).
This story is about Female Pro Wreslers, in some TV stunt a Popular Idol is injured by a Pro Wrestler so the Idol’s freind takes up Pro Wrestling to get revenge. Yeah still not intrested.




8) Yuusha ni Narenakatta (Give it a Chance)

Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita - AnimeMage.com

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

The plot revolves around a boy who wasn’t able to become a Hero. Not from lack of training and trying, basically the demon lord was defeated before his Hero exams.
With his dreams smashed the main character Raul, now spends his days working at a magic shop in the capital.
Out of the blue, one day, a part-time job seeker appears at the shop with an odd resume:

“Previous Occupation: Demon Lord Heir
Motive: Because my father was defeated”

So the entire Comedy and Romance side of the anime is based around this former Hero-in-training and the daughter of the demon lord who was defeated.
This could actually be quite amusing and is defently worth checking out if you like the Comedy/Romance anime’s anyway. I usually find them hit and miss which is why I’ll give the first few episodes a shot and drop if its not upto my expectations :)

9) Noucome for short or Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru (Give it a Chance)

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga  - AnimeMage.com

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School

This plot seems to certainly revolve around the Comedy element, there is this boy, he suffers from a curse… he has a Mental Power of “absolute multiple-choice” basically in random situations he in his mind a multiple choice question, he has to pick one and when he does it becomes reality, it happens.
This can be anything from being in school and getting the following choice 1) You are nude from the waist up. 2) You are nude from the waist down. (Which would you choose!) to 1) A beautiful girl will fall before him or 2) he will fall from the rooftop in female clothes. In the anime, he selects 1 and a blond girl named Chocolat falls before him (enter the romance part).

Though this anime seem’s so beyond random its amazing, it may actually be quite amusing and I’m tempted to check it out.

10 ) Gingitsune  (Not Watching List)

Gingitsune - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Fantasy, Seinen

Another anime based around spirits that only a certain family (or in this case only one of a certain family) can see. This anime revolves around a spirit fox called Gintaro who has been protecting a small temple and the local people since the Edo era. So basically the girl and the spirit go round fixing things. Doesn’t particularly catch my attention so I’ll give it a miss for now.




11) Outbreak Company (Watching List)

Outbreak Company - AnimeMgae.com
Feel & Poony Canyon
Genres: Fantasy

Ok, this story seems ermm well unique and this is one that’s going on my watch list just after reading the Synopsis off MAL which I’ll put bellow for you. In short, Kid who is well and truly in the know on Moe and all things Otaku some how finds himself in a fantasy world tasked with spreading Moe culture throughout the fantasy world! Strange yet interesting.

“Having a light novel author father and an eroge illustrator mother, Kanou Shinichi is a thoroughbred otaku. However he does not have any special power except for his broad knowledge, sharp insight, and impeccable instinct about “MOE” and its products, from manga to anime to games to light novel to figures. One day he found himself transported to a fantasy world where elves live and dragons fly. And he is given a task—not to fight monster or embark on a quest, but to enhance cultural exchange by becoming a “moe missionary” in this fantasy world! He meets a palace guard who has a bit of fujoshi taste, a half-elf maid, and the empress who is a little girl. He comes up with the idea of building a school. At first it runs as a comedy but later there are serious matters that Shinichi needs to face: ethnic discrimination, social problems, conflict with neighboring countries, sabotage by opposition elements including Japanese government, etc. Can he overcome the obstacles, successfully bring “moe” culture to the fantasy world, and help the people there as well?” – Sourced – My Anime List aka MAL

12) Coppelion (Give it a Chance).

Coppelion - AnimeMage.com
GoHands & Starchild Records
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen

The anime is based in the future, in 2016 there is a nuclear power plant catastrophe. In 2036 the City of Tokyo (where this happened) is a ghost town due to the high levels of radiation. However there is a distress signal recieved from the area and the Self Defence forces dispatch a specialist unit called Coppelion to search for survivors. This team happens to be made up for 3 young girls who don’t seem to near to wear any protection against the radiation and why would it take 20 years for someone to put out a distress signal? hermmm I see some plot holes already, or will they be explained in due course. Its interesting enough for me to at least give it a chance so on the check out list.

13) BlazBlue: Alter Memory (Give it a Chance)

BlazBlue - AnimeMage.com
Lantis, Hoods Entertainment, Studio Mausu, teamKG
Genres: Action, Fantasy

Not too much info on this one, the story seems to be about some guy with a very large bounty on his head who is planning the destruction of the system controlling the world (this a good or bad thing?) and an array of unrivalled fighters coming after him. So I’m guessing the system controlling the world is a bad thing and hoping that this anime will not let us down on the action. Tempted to check it out.



14) Golden Time (Give it a Chance)

Golden Time - AnimeMage.com
J.C. Staff, Genco, Starchild Records
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Seinen

This one could actually be quite entertaining, seems to be based around 3 students, 2 of which knew each other before going to this private law school, well they were childhood friends and promised to get married, yet Yanagisawa Mitsuo tried to escape this by secreatly applying for this private school to run away but unfortuantly she followed him. When he first started at the school eh was complely lost however bumped into another lost student and they hit it off becoming good friends.

I have no idea how this story will progress or if it will or wont be amusing, it maybe worth checking out as I’ve often found anime’s involving J.C. Staff to be quite good (Hidan no Aria, Hentai Prince for examples). I’ll be checking this one out.

15) Little Busters! Refrain (Not Watching List)

Little Busters - AnimeMage.com
J.C. Staff, Warner Bros.
Genres: Drama, Romance, School

Second season to Little Busters! If you watched the first season you’ll know the score and but picking this one up. If you didn’t watch the first season then I’d suggest checking it out first :) In short, its a cute anime about a group of kids who help each other out.





16) Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road (Give it a Chance)

Neppuu Kairiku Bushi Road - AnimeMage.com
Bandai Visual, Kinema Citrus, Nitroplus
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Mecha

There is not much information on this anime at all…

“A restart of “Neppu Kairiku Bushi Lord”, a previously stalled mecha mixed-media project.  The anime will air this fall under the new name “Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road”, as a collaboration between Bushiroad, video distributor Bandai Visual, software company Nitroplus, and anime studio Kinema Citrus.” (Sourced MAL). I’m going to check it out just cause its mention Mecha…



17) Kyoukai no Kanata (Watch List)

Kyoukai no Kanata - AnimeMage.com
Kyoto Animation
Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Slice of Life

I read “Dark Fantasy”, “Disturbing events” in a slice of life, supernatural school fantasy anime where we have different people who have different ability’s which all can be used in multiple ways to help or hurt people this could be quite an interesting world they’ve created hopefully the anime will live up to it. Jumping onto the Watch List.






18) Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Watch List)

Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai - AnimeMage.com
Genco, Media Factory, Lerche
Genres: Action, Ecchi, Seinen, School, Fantasy

Science and Sorcery joined into circuits made from spells which were put into objects to bring them to life. These objects gained personality’s and were developed as a military weapon which spread throughout the world.
So similar to soul eater, you have a fighter and a weapon who also happens to have a personality except these are made out of magic. Interesting so on my watch list :).




19) Hajime no Ippo: Rising (Not Watching List)

Hajime no Ippo - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Shounen, Sports

This is the 3rd season, If you like Boxing anime’s then check it out for me its a no.








20) Samurai Flamenco (Not Watching List)

Samurai Flamenco - AnimeMage.com
Manglobe, Aniplex, Fuji TV
Genres: Action

There is very little info on this one, there are two taglines:
“To those ‘adults’ who don’t want to become adults…” which fits me, and “Hero will never give up, never hide, never be defeated, never accept evil.” which is likely to make any show boring if you know he’s never going to be defeated 😉
I get the impression from the picture that its going to be some kinda futurisitc samurai series but not sure if its worth watching or not, however with the Producers including Aniplex, and Manglobe who did the recent Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke, which I enjoyed it maybe worth checking out.


21) Pokemon XY (Not Watching List)

Pokemon XY - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Kids, Shounen

Its Pokemon, this doesn’t need explaining and you already know if your going to pick this one up or not 😛







22) Nagi no Asukara (Give it a Chance)

Nagi no Asukara - AnimeMage.com
P.A. Works
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen

The story is about two middle school friends, one of which is a cry baby who the other has always looked after while growing up. That’s as much as I could find out… So why am I checking it out? Well its got P.A. Works involved and they’ve been involved in a fair few good anime’s so I figured its worth checking out.





23) Kuroko no Basket 2 (Not Watching List)

Kuroko no Basket 2 - AnimeMage.com
Production I.G
Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Sports

Basketball based Anime, another Sport one, not for me thanks… I like to do sport not watch it 😉









24) Ace of Diamond (Not Watching List)

Diamond no Ace - AnimeMage.com
Production I.G, Madhouse
Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Sports

Baseball Anime… Stop! Another one off my list…




25) Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova (Give it a Chance)

Diamond no Ace - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen

Very far fetched plot, some fleet with some high tech ships take over the ocean, 17 years later some people get hold of 1 on these technology advanced subs and with this 1 sub they take on the whole fleet! Yeah, good luck with that!
That said, I like Sci-fi even far fetched and the producer worked on Black Rock Shooter which I enjoyed and 0009 Re:Cyborg so I’ll give it a shot.




26) Log Horizon (Watch List)

Log Horizon - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Action, Romance, Shounen

I read the Synopsis and think SWORD ART ONLINE :S
“The story begins when 30,000 Japanese gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder Tale.”… I enjoyed sword art online and I liked .hack so I’ll give this a shot but I just hope I’m not disappointed.






27) White Album 2 (Not Watching List)

White Album 2 - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

I didn’t watch the first season and I’m not likely to pick up the second, Its a story that basically revolves around a young couple through school and the challenges they have.







28) Non Non Biyori  (Not Watching List)

Non Non Biyori - AnimeMage.com
Silver Link
Genres: Comedy, School, Slice of Life, Seinen

This one sounds very similar to the start of Higurashi, if Higurashi was all about the nice small school and the life they have, having fun and enjoying everyday adventures in the countryside and not about the Demon’s and killing.
So I’m going to give this a miss as it looks very light hearted and cute and I think there are more anime’s this up and coming season that have  a lot more to offer.





29)Strike the Blood (Watch List)

Strike the Blood - AnimeMage.com
Silver Link
Genres: Action, Shounen, Supernatural, Ecchi, Vampire, School, Fantasy

Basically Vampire’s Vs Attack Mage’s with Magical Spirit Spears and all sorts of fun. This is one I’m looking forward to watching. (Full Synopsis on MAL linked above on the name)






30) Pupa (Watching List)

Pupa - AnimeMage.com
Studio Deen
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Shounen, Psychological

Hopefully this will be a good Psychological Horror, not seen a good one for awhile… The main characters younger sister some how changes into a creature that eats humans, the main character try’s to find away to restore her. On the watch list.
Hope it doesn’t disappoint, though Deen did work on the Higurashi series so hoping they will pull this one off).





31) Meganebu! (Not Watching List)

Meganebu - AnimeMage.com
Studio Deen
Genres: Shoujo, Slice of Life

“The story revolves around a group of 5 glasses wearing high school boys and their relationship” and its not down as a Comedy! Not interested 😉







32) Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 (Not Watching List)

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Action, Mecha

If you watched the first season, you know what to expect. If you didn’t then if you like Action/Mecha check it out 😀







33) Gundam Build Fighters (Not Watching List)

Gundam Build Fighters - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Mecha, Scifi

We all know what Gundam is about, but this kind of seems like a cross between Robotic Notes/Models and Gundam. Basically kids fight model Gundam’s they make with each other in a world championship. I’m going to give this one a miss.






34) Aikatsu! 2 (Not Watching List)

Aikatsu - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Kids, Music, School

Kids, Music… So another Idol music anime, only because the synopsis mentions “New idol with talent in Rock Music” did I even give this a second thought. But I’m still not going to watch this one, not found any of the Love Idol style anime’s to my taste.





35) Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta (Watch List)

Yozakura Quartet - AnimeMage.com
Tatsunoko Production
Genres: Action, Comedy, Shounen

Demons and Humans co-exist and this story is all about the police force who attempt to keep the peace… Could be interesting.







36) Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono (Not Watching List)

Tesagure! Bukatsumono - AnimeMage.com
Tesagure! Produiction Committee
Genres: School, Slice of Life

Another Extracurricular activity based anime. But doesn’t say which one! Not going to bother with.




37) Miss Monochrome (Give it a Chance).

Miss Monochrome - AnimeMage.com
TV Tokyo, Starchild Records, SANZIGEN, LIDEN FILMS
Genres: Music, Slice of Life,

Music/Slice of Life, usually doesn’t catch my attention however, its based around a character who likes Monochrome style, dislikes all kinds of colour and dreams about changing the world into monochrome!
The character was originally designed as a 3D virtual singer… I’m kinda interested to at least check out the first episode.





38) Toaru Hikushi e no Koiuta (Give it a Chance)

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta - AnimeMage.com
TMS Entertainment
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance

A tale about a prince who lost everything who sets off on an adventure with no safety net, will he return home alive! Maybe worth checking out.






39) Kyousougiga (Not Watching List)

Kyousou Giga - AnimeMage.com
Toei Animation
Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

A story about three kids who cause trouble for in the previous series a Monk, A Demon and a Priest! I’m probably going to give this one a miss.







40) Yowamushi Pedal (Not Watching List)

Yowamushi Pedal - AnimeMage.com
Toho Company
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Shounen, Sports

Cycling, Sport anime… Not for me.








41) Kill La Kill (Watch List)

Kill La Kill - AnimeMage.com
Trigger, Aniplex
Genres: Action, School

A story based around two fighting schoolgirls… Doesn’t sound too promising at this point however, the school is on a campus ruled by force, and one of these girls wields a Basami sword which brings about an upheaval. Yep Watching.







42) Diabolik Lovers (Not Watching List)

Diabolik Lovers - AnimeMage.com
Genres: Shoujo, Vampire

Multiple male vampires after 1 human girl… Miss!








43) Teekyuu Season 3 (Not Watching List)

Teekyuu - AnimeMage.com

Sport, Short, Tennis… Dropped.









So finally we are at the end of the list!!!

43 new anime’s and though Id like to try them all out I know its not possible!
In previous seasons I’ve picked up and watched the first episode (or two) of as many as possible before picking the ones I was going to keep… usually end up with 12 (give or take 2)  that I watch through to the end…

Out of the 43 I personally have 7 I think I like enough about that I’ll probably watch them through and 11 I want to check out knowing I’ll be dropping a few of these.
The season so far looks OK, there isn’t really anything that jumps out as something I really really want to watch so see how it goes.

The ones out of the list that stand out for me the most are:

Outbreak Company,
Kyoukai no Kanata,
Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai,
Log Horizon,
Strike the Blood,
Kill La Kill,
Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta

Which one’s stand out for you?