SAO Fone BETA (Android App/Theme)

If you haven’t seen this already, here is something that you can install on your android phone if your a Sword Art Online fan :)

“Sword Art On-line fone (Beta version) is the beta version of the Sword Art On-line fone, an application that transforms your Android device into the world of Aincrad using “fone” technology, a next-generation interface that allows complete customization of everything from the home screen to even the smartphone’s tools. This version is aimed at beta testers and will be used for development of the final release.”

“Players who clear the beta test will receive bonus content upon the application’s official release!”

“For more information regarding Sword Art Online fone, please refer to the following URL:

My Phone/Install/Play

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

First thing I did when I found out about this was to install it on my Sony Xperia M, which is a lowish model android phone, well I only use it for twitter, texts and calls so it doesn’t need to be anything fancy.

So since I’m able to run it, I’m guessing it will run on most phones.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

It is a little laggy, click of an option takes a little longer than normal to get to menu’s etc but from the reviews on the beta test page it seems this is a common issue with the beta and something their working on :) but its not too bad so I’m putting up with it :)

There are some cool features, you start off picking from Asuna and Kirito, as you can see above I’ve gone for Asuna but you can change and swap pretty easily.

Your members are shown as a group but each individual member is assigned to a set area e.g Asuna is Phone and settings above.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Klein is linked to my Messages.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Keita is linked to my alarm clock and,

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Diabel is linked to my Battery status…

So by using your phone these guys level up and you can challenge the floor above, once they levelled enough.
From the website it seems that you can swap and change the characters of your guild/group as you unlock more 😀

Looking forward to adding Lizbeth, Silica, Suguha to my group 😀 (though that will be well out of Beta).

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

There are a lot of little nice features in the app and currently only a few of the extended app parts are available (The lock screen and the phone dialer).

One of the nice bits is that as you level up the 100 floors, the background images change to match the floor your guild is on.
The lock screen is also meant to change lighting depending on the time of day but I don’t think that is implemented yet as it is always blue skys for me (I’m in England so its nice to have some way of seeing blue skys ;))

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

There is also voice clips unlocked from the series and an equipment button that’s yet to be activated.
There is also campaign codes and according to the blurb there will even be boss fights 😀

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

The battery status is nice and the whole app feels very clean and well designed.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Yui is always locked down to be your Apps window which is a nice cute touch.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Finally the good thing about the app and why I like it, it doesn’t stop you doing anything you would normally do with your phone menu screen, still assign Apps, widgets etc as you would.

So other than the slow down/laggyness of the Beta Fone App it seems to be a pretty good application that lets you turn your boring android phone into a game that level’s up just by using your phone as you would normally!

Defiantly one for the SAO fans :)


Official Site
Crunchy Roll Announcement
Google Play


One for the fans :) Something fun for your Phone.