Servant X Service Episode 1 Review

Servant X Service Episode 1 Review

I will admit I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Servant X Service, the premise of an anime about working in an office doesn’t really make you want to jump up and down with job.
However, that said working in an office environment myself and I know that some odd and funny things that we get up to for amusement so their is a high possibility if the series is done well of this series having some amusingly amusing comedy sketches.

For example at work last weekend, we put a bit of take over one of the guys optical mouses so it wouldn’t work, fitted a second USB mouse so we could move his mouse from another desk and just for extra laughs someone took off the arm for his chair and bolted it on upside down! He wasn’t too impressed, we had a lot of laughs! ūüėÄ

So any way, back to the series!

First Impressions: Office Comedy about the 3 new starters, amusing so far hope they keep it up!

Servant X Service Ep 1 -

The first episode follows the 3 new trainees first few days learning the ropes in the health and welfare section of the city office.

The three main characters are Saya, Hasebe and the leading main character Yamagami (I guess due to the amount of air time she got).

Each character has his/her own quirks:
Saya seems shy, its her first job and struggles to deal with  people who like to talk a lot/or go off on tangents due to her lack of assertiveness.
Hasebe is the slacker (There are a few of them at my place) but the amusing side is that he would rather flirt and collect phone numbers than do his job “I just happened to get her number” lol! I can see that backfiring on him at some point.
Finally Yamagami seems to have taken the job to try and find the civil service worker who allowed her parents to file her birth certificate with a ridiculously long name (Starting Lucy, which also becomes a constant joke), however she try’s hard but is really bad at dealing with aggressive/angry people.

Considering how she’s dealing with¬†Hasebe in the screen shot below I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her grudge she has against the person who let her parents name her Lucy……

Servant X Service Ep 1 -

Hasebe however can of use, so he’s not all that bad! I wonder if he will start taking his job seriously at some point in the series?
Servant X Service Ep 1 -

As previously mentioned Yamagami’s first name gets used a bit as its one thing that easily gets her back up, and its understandable considering it ended up being(or as much as they cared to list) “Lucy Kimiko Akie Airi Shiori Rinne Yoshiho Ayano Tomika Chitose Sanae Mikiko Ichika”… Cruel Cruel Parents!
Servant X Service Ep 1 -

The Animation is nice and the OP was excellent (I made some Wallpapers Below from it) I really love the effect they went for.
The comedy aspect has a bit to be desired but its early days. All in all the series seems like it has some potential to be quite amusing. 

There are probably better series this season but I may end up watching one or two more of this series to see how the comedy aspect of the series fairs before I make my decision to drop or not.