Dovestone’s 16 Mile Circular walk

First post and first planned Hike.

Not done a decent hike in a while and this route is similar to one I did a few years back. I plan to start doing more of these and eventually try to do the Taimeside Trail which is a 35 mile loop of the area I live in.

This particular route is a 16.28 mile route in Mossley, United Kingdom which starts from a Train station (easy access) with some nice pubs (for when you get back).

The route has a total ascent of 1975.69 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,905.45 ft, the majority of the climb is in the first 3 to 4 miles.

16 Mile Hike, Dovestones.

 Link to Route

Last time I did this route I did a bit of cross country not following paths/walk ways and got some very muddy feet (Featured Image above).
This time I’m sticking to paths.

Currently looking to do this route with a group of friends early July.

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