Sword Art Online II – Anime Activated – 2014

More Sword Art Online… What an excellent New Years Eve Pressy this is!!!!

*SMILES* with them brining out this extra episode for New Eve I hopped there would be another season announcement for the next instalment of the Light Novels being animated but didn’t actually think it would happen!!!

This has made the start of 2014 a happy one 😀

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The update is at the end of the Sword Art On-line Extra episode which simultaneously aired on-line and in Japan today. The details can be quickly found on crunchy roll’s website with a snippet video here

This clip is a short video teaser featuring Sinon from the fictional Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Gun Gale On-line meaning, a new world, a new story and potentially a new game or two 😀 (Maybe we’ll get a FPS out of this one? OK that’s probably taking my hope a little too far but I can dream :D)

Happy New Year All,

Please feel free to comment below with your JOY for a new series 😀