The Sacred Blacksmith Vol 1 Review – Manga

The Sacred Blacksmith Vol 1 Review – Manga

The Sacred Blacksmith Manga started as a Light Novel series containing 14 novel’s so far. It has also been adapted into an Anime Series as well as the Manga series which currently has seven volumes and is also still ongoing.

The Manga so far has only been translated for volume 1 with volume 2 not due until 2nd September and is published by Seven Seas who also publish another favourite of mine A Certain Scientific Railgun.

The Anime Series was produced back in 2009 (I own the US DVD version as I couldn’t get hold of it in the UK) and I enjoyed watching the anime version of the series, when I found that the Manga volume 1 was being published in English I popped in a pre order for it and I’m glad I did which I’ll get onto later.

The Sacred Blacksmith -

First though, for anyone who doesn’t know the story line:

What’s The Sacred Blacksmith all about?

*Steals text from the back of the Manga*Like her father and grandfather before her, Cecily Campbell has entered the knighthood and joined the ranks of the Knight Guard, sworn to protect the Independent Trade City of Housman. Now the time has come for Cecily to prove herslef in battle. A veteran of the great Valbanill War goes berserk in the marketplace. Cecily confronts him with the prized sword she inherited from her father – and it shatters to pieces!

All seems lost when a lone figure swoops to the rescue  an expert swordsman with a sword unlike any Cecily has ever seen. His name is Luke Ainsworth,  blacksmith of much renown, who will forge a new sword for Cecily and join her down a path of magical adventure beyond her wildest dreams.”

The series as you may guess from the blurb above follows the lovely Cecily Campbell a noble, proud girl who is just that a girl dressed as a knight without much skill, training but full of determination to continue the Campbell tradition of looking after the peace of the city as a knight Guard.

Cecily meets Luke Ainsworth her saviour (who would be an excellent cosplay idea) who is an extremely talented  blacksmith. Luke is also a very good swordsman who stands out due to his choice of sword (Katana) when considering the medieval setting.

The Sacred Blacksmith -
In this world, there aren’t many people who can make katana’s any more, its a time where swords are made using moulds for easy and mass production and due to this the art of traditional blacksmithing and the special art which Luke use’s to make his swords is almost lost to this world.

The story early on joins these two together to try to save the city from humans who have made a “death pact” with demon’s who would crush it… Without giving anything away (death pacts are explained right at the start of the manga) you can guess that these two characters will be going up against a tough crowed and our Cecily needs to grow up quickly to succeed.


My View

The Sacred Blacksmith -

The first volume lays the plot, gives you some of the main characters  (Cecily, Luke and Lisa who is Luke’s very young looking and cute assistant) and also throws in some nice action to boot.

I’m not usually keen on fast pace battle sequence’s in Manga’s as it some times hard to work out what’s going on, but I really liked the art in this manga, it was very well done, really cleanly drawn and I actually really loved the battle scenes.

There was two other things that surprised me with this manga, the publishers have done a really nice job in producing this one, the book itself is slightly bigger than the normal size I’ve come accustom to when buying Manga (comparing to Soul Easter, This is a Zombie?, Higurashi etc) its about 1cm taller and 1.5cm wider.

The extra space is used to its fullest, from the battle sequences to the full page and 2 page images in the battle sections it really makes the art stand out, look clear and impressive.

The second thing that surprised me with the manga which I also liked was the amount of Real World information they added at the end (after the story) about how a real Katana is actually made etc, almost like an education spot. It was a nice touch.



The Sacred Blacksmith -

Overall I loved this Manga and have already pre-ordered the second volume.
Its an excellent interesting story, with a unique fighting blacksmith, with well drawn art and likeable characters.

I’d suggest picking it up if you haven’t already :)

If you have then I hope your looking forward to Volume 2 like I am, there is a hint at the end of Volume 1 as to what we can find in the next volume… Without giving too much away, as well as Demons/Demon pacts between humans there are also Demon Swords to contend with and this is where I think Volume 2’s focus will be.


Where to get it…

Manga: Volume 1 – UK USA
Manga Volume 2 – UK (Due out September) – USA (Due out in a few days, mid August)
DVD Complete Series (12 episodes) – UK (Now found a PAL version) – USA (This is the version I own)


The Sacred Blacksmith -